Our Projects are always under review. Our emphasis remains however on;

Bursaries for academically high performing, but financially challenged, pupils.

Each year we have interviewed and selected a minimum of 5 new, poor but high-performing pupils to receive our bursaries which are paid directly to the School. The winning pupils are chosen by the MKT and OKT Trustees from a short list prepared by the School. A Bursary is currently worth about KES 70,000, which is less than before, the School having been able to reduce it’s charges for tuition, food and lodging, etc. If, at the annual review, a pupil’s performance significantly deteriorates his bursary entitlement is withdrawn. If he continues to perform well his entitlement continues into the following year. This Bursary Scheme is our major thrust for now and we would very much like to expand it, as there is no doubt, given the fact that pupils at Lenana come from every Region in the country, that there are many who win places at the School but they are in financial need.

At the end of 2018 the first 5 pupils who we had financed during their years at the School, graduated and left the School.

Four of the five achieved A Passes and the fifth a B+ Pass. Two of the five have gone on to University and two more are likely to. We expect to still help them financially and, perhaps, in other ways that they may gain gainful employment and help Kenya in the process.

Infrastructure and facility improvements.

Where to start? Working with the school, discussions are underway to prioritize facility and infrastructure works such as; replenishing the sanatorium, refurbishing the various kitchens, repairing and re-opening the swimming pool, providing sports equipment, re-creating the golf course, repairing the hockey pitches, re-equipping the classrooms, the library, painting the buildings, etc., etc., etc.

Any project funded and undertaken will be reported on this website and its implementation will be monitored and reported in our e-mail Newsletters to which you can subscribe on this website.


We would very much like to continue our support for high performing but financially challenged pupils who would benefit from attending a best possible, perhaps foreign, University after their years at Lenana. Any scholarship so awarded, would require the recipient to return to Kenya for employment after attending University.